Friday, May 27, 2011

Possible Solutions To Global Warming

Possible Solutions To Global Warming
Global warming is, generally, the rise in the average temperature of our planet earth's surface air and oceans. On the base of 2007 Fourth assessment report by Intergovernmental Panel on climate Change, global surface temperature raised by 0.74+o.18 degree (1.33 ± 0.32 °f) during the 20th century.The enormity of global warming can be daunting and dispiriting. What can one person or even one nation, do on their own to solve the climate change.But here are the some of the possible solutions for the global warming. They are as follows.

There are a lot reasons that cause the most of the observed temperature increase since the middle of 20th century, are the increase in the greenhouse gases, that result from human activities such as burning of fossils fuel and deforestation.A reduction of sunlight reaching the surface as a result of increasing atmospheric concentration of human made particulates is called Global Dimming that has partially countered the effect of warming induced by the greenhouse gases.This can be the possible solution to the global warming.

Individual choices may have the impact on the global warming.We all know that the humans are causing the global warming, that evidence is strong, but questions of what to do about it remain unclear.Economics,sociology and politics are all the important factors in planning to the global warming for the future.The earth would still warm bu the another degree of Fahrenheit, even if we stopped emitting the greenhouse gases today.But what we do today makes a big difference forward.So the scientists, depending our choices, have predicted that the Earth could eventually warm by as little as 2,5 degree or as much as 10 degree Fahrenheit in the future.

A commonly made goal is to stabilize the greenhouse gases concentrations around 450-550 parts per million or about twice pre-industrial levels.This is the point at which many people believe that the most damaging effects of the global warming or climate change can be avoided.In the present there is about 380 ppm concentration that means there aren't enough time to lose.According to the IPPCC, to reach this level, we should reduce greenhouse gases emissions by 50 percent to 80 percent of what they are on track to be in the next century.

We know that many people and government have already worked hard for the global warming and to cut the greenhouse gases effect and each and everyone can help for the global warming in this 21century.According to the researchers Stephen and Robert, they suggest that one approach that ''stabilization wedges'' and this means reducing the greenhouse gases emission from the variety of sources with technological available in the next few decades. rather than depending on the economics changes in a single state.This approach also suggested
Possible Solutions To Global Warming 7 wedges that could reduce the greenhouse gases emission and all of them together could control the emission at the approximately current level for the next half century, putting us on a potential path to stabilize around 500ppm.

There are so many possible wedges such as improvement to energy efficiency and vehicle fuel economy and increase in wind & solar power, hydrogen produced from renewable sources, natural gases and nuclear power.A process called carbon sequestration that is underground by fossils fuels and store form which there is possible to capture the Carbine dioxide emitted.

The another possible way to the global warming is that, reducing the gases that we emit the atmosphere, we can use the increase amount of the gases we take out of the atmosphere.Similarly we plant the various plant and trees.As they grow they absorb Co2.Increasing the forestland and making the change to the way we farm could increase the amount of carbon we are storing.

The another simple and easy possible solution to the global warming is to plant trees.first of all we should make the group in our neighbor then all together start campaign about the plant tree.we can plant different trees bared land and even in the private land.Trees planted in and around areas the storing carbon may provide much needed shade in the summer and reducing energy bills and fossils fuel use.

These are the most useful possible solutions to the global warming.We should be aware about the global warming from our place.Otherwise it will not only harm to the particular place but it may also destroy our beautiful world.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Causes of Inflation That The Whole world Is facing

Causes of Inflation That The Whole world Is facing
In simple words inflation means the rise in the general price level of goods and services in the economy over a period of time.It means when the general price level rises the power of the money buys fewer good and services.Inflation also reflects the erosion in the purchasing power of money. There are chief measure like, the inflation rate, the annualized percentage change in general price index over the time to measure the price inflation.Inflation affects the economy positively and negatively in the world.The negative effects of inflation are the decrease in the real value of money ant other monetary items over the time, uncertainty over the future inflation may discourage investment and saving & high inflation may lead to shortage of goods.Similarly, the positive effects of the inflation are central bank can adjust nominal interest rates and encourage investment in non-monetary capital projects.

In general, there are two basic causes of inflation the the whole world is facing, they are as follows.

Cost Push Inflation

Cost push inflation occurs when the business respond to the rise in the production cost,but raising prices in order to maintain their profit margins. There are so many ways under it, they are discussed bellow.
  • Rising the imported raw materials costs caused bu inflation in the country as well as in the whole world which are heavily dependable on export of these goods or alternatively by fall in the value of the dollar in the foreign exchange markets.
  • Rising the labour costs caused by the wage increases which exceed any improvement in the productivity.This cause is very important in causing inflation in the world.This is important in those industries that are labour intensive.The firm that decide not to pass the higher costs onto their customer but in the long run, wage inflation tends to move closely with price inflation because there are limits to extent to which any business can absorb higher wage expenses.
  • Higher indirect taxes imposed by the government- This is also an important cause to the inflation in the world.For example a rise in the rate of taxes in the alcohol and cigarette, a rise in the standard rate of value added tax, an increase in the fuel duties and an extension to the range of the product to which VAT is applied.These taxes are levied those producers who depending on the price elasticity of demand and supply for the product, can opt to pass on the burden of the tax onto customers.If the government want to levy a new tax on aviation fuel, then this would contribute to a rise in cost push inflation.
These are the cost push inflation causes the whole world is facing in the present condition.

Demand Pull Inflation

The another cause of inflation the the whole world is facing, is demand pull inflation.It is possible when there is full employment of resources and when SRAS is inelastic.In these case an increase in the Ad may lead to increase in the prices.Under this demand pull inflation there are some points that cause the inflation, they are as follows.
  • A depreciation of the exchange rate- It has the effect in the rise of the price of imports and it also reduces the foreign price of UK exports especially.If the customers by the less imports while the foreigners buy more exports then AD will increase.Similarly if the economy of the country is at the full of the employment then prices are pulled upwards.
  • A reduction in the direct or indirect taxation-Consumer have more disposal income causing demand to rise, if the direct taxes are reduced.A reduction in the direct means that the volume of the income will increase or consumers can buy more volume of goods and services.So the both factors can take aggregate demand and real GDP higher .So it may causes the inflation in the whole world.
  • The rapid growth of the money supply- The another cause of the inflation is the rapidly growth in the supply of money.If the interest rate is low then the people may borrow the more money from the banking and financial institutions.Then consumer have more monetary power.Monetarists econoCauses of Inflation That The Whole world Is facingmists believe that the root causes of the inflation are monetary in particular when the monetary authorities permit an excessive growth of the supply of money in circulation beyond that needed to finance the volume of transaction produced in the economy.Thus inflation causes.
  • The another reason of the inflation in the world is the rising consumer confidence and increase in the rate of growth of houses prices. Because The both lead to an increase in the total household demand for goods and services. As a result inflation appears in the markets and gradually in the whole world.
These are the main causes of the inflation that cause the inflation not only in the particular country but also in the whole world.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Latest Technology Inventions

Technology is the process of making, usage & knowledge of tools. system or methods of organizing to sole the problems.Technology greatly affects human and other animal ability to adapt to their natural environment.The use of technology has been significantly changing day by day in this modern age.So now-days latest technology has been taking place in this age.Among them there are the latest model of technology inventions presented the following.

Samsung S8500

Samsung S8500 wave is the latest touch screen
Samsung S8500
mobile from the house Samsung.This latest handset invention is the essential device to all the new born technology features and it becomes one of the best selling mobile phones around the world.This includes following features.
  • Samsung S8500 has both 2g & 3G networks.
  • This latest gadgets is packed with the smart dimensions of 56 x 188 x10,9 mm & easily portable with just about 118 gm in weight.
  • It also has the great 3.3 inches AMOLED touch screen which depicts the resolution of 480 x 800 pixel with 16 million colors.
  • It has another important features that is the camera with grand 5 mega pixel with Geo tagging, touch focus, image stabilizing, blink and face detection that allows us to captures our all unforgettable moments in to it with 2592 x 1944 pixel.
  • This technology also has video formats with MP4.H263,Xvid that allows us to easily enjoy our all favorite movies.
  • Furthermore, this latest technology is fitted with great Li-Ion 1500MAH battery up to 600 hours in standby mode and up to of 15 hours talk time on 2G and up to 7 hours talk time up to 550 hours on 3g in stand mode.
  • This latest gadgets also offers great squad band GSM 850,900,1800,1900 and HSDPA 900,2100, GPs navigation, 3G,EDGE, GPRS and wireless Bluetooth technology that allows the users to connect with other devices.


Sony PS3 is the latest edition or the invention of the technology from the stable of Sony Ericsson.This technology has come in a trendy and compact design which attracts its users from its look. There are some features.
  • Sony PS3 has a slim and trim body looks with innovative features.
  • This technology invention has ATA 250 Gb in built hard drive that offers us a larger space to store our favorite things.
    The Latest Technology Inventions
  • Another enticing feature of this latest technology invention is that it has high definition picture with 1080p resolution and theater like audio quality that is up to &,1 channels of surround sound.
  • Further more with the help of Digital Living Network Alliance, the users can access the data stored in computer from PS3 system.


Tom Tom XL340 is the new & latest model or invention of the technology with slim , flat-folding and it also has easy port
GPS line.Some of the important features of this are as follows.
  • It has 4.3 inch screen WQVGA touch resistive display which dominates the front panel and offers the resolution of 480x272.
  • Similarly this latest technology has power button that is use to switch on and off on the top and at the bottom it includes mini-USB port.
  • This latest technology gadgets is fitted with the smart measurement of 4.7 x 0.9 x 3,2 in & a very light in wights with 7 oz.
    The Latest Technology Inventions
  • This technology invention also includes lug 7 go, emergency help.automatic routing. downloadable POIs,Tom Tom quick GPSfix, speed limit warning,Iq routes technology, text to speech, advance lane guidance,2D/3D map perspective and many more.
  • It is interesting that this latest technology invention includes IQ routes that uses to collect the previous data so as to calculated the fastest route.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Predicament of a Hindu Secularist

Predicament of  a Hindu Secularist

Although a mildly religious Hindu, i wasn't completely taken aback our nation jettisoned Hinduism as a state religion and frenetically decided to accept constitutional secularism as the way for a pluralistic and multi-religious Nepal.This sudden and colossal change in Majority Hindu country, however consternating us, and left us with lingering doubts over the success of this metamorphosis.Two instances, since the secularization of Nepal by the interim constitution, have already fortified our doubts.first is the Prachanda led government's unsuccessful attempt at meddling with the appointment of Mul batta of the Lord Pashupatinath temple. Second the recent and the poignantly sensitive issue of altercation between Pashupati Area Development Trust(PADT) and Nepalese Christian community over the burial at the Sleshmantak forest in the Pashupatinath area. Noticeably so , both these disputes relate to Lord Pashupatinath, the most revered God of the Hindus.
Definition of secularism is highly contested. While a western and restrained notion of secularism means an erection of well of separation between religion and state, in its expansive practice, especially as it has in India, it also refers to absence of state religious institutions and doctrines and equal indulgence of all religions.Are these notion of secularism fittingly adopted in Nepal? A cursory examination of the act establishing the PADT will provide us with a negative answer.PADT is a statutory body created bu Pashupati Area Development Trust act of 1987 with an object to maintain, preserve and develop the Pashupatinath area because of the significance of lord Pashupatinath temple as a center of reverence of Hindu solely.Under the act the prime minister of the country is the patron of the trust,minister of culture is the chairperson of the governing council of the PADT, and other government bureaucrats and certain members of legislature- parliament are ipso facto members of it. It is apparent that the Act blatantly rejects every notion of secularism: there is a direct government control over Lord Pashupatinath and akin to this a Muslim mosque, a Christian church or a Buddhist stupa is not patronized by the government which is discriminatory.
A predicament surface now whether in line with imported notion of secularism, the Lord Pashupatinath temple should be severed from government instruction?Should Pashupatinath temple be transformed inti private Hindu religious endowment?There are certain merits in arguing for separation of Lord Pashupatinath temple from the state. First this will evince that the country is avowedly secular and not only on paper.Second, a separation will ensue the Lord Pashhupatinath temple will no longer be a state institution, but private Hindu religious institution. A striking advantage will be garnered out of this.Non- Hindu will be precluded from asserting their fundamental right, particularly their freedom of religion of practicing their beliefs and rituals within he defined area of the Pasupatinath temple which could possibly include the Sleshmantakforest. Third it will also to a certain extent, incapacitate the government from interfering with the appointment of priest and Mul Batta of the Pashupatinath temple. Fourth the wealth of the Pashupatinath temple will not be embezzled by the government and will not be used to fund non Hindu purpose.
It is unimaginable that a bigoted state like Nepal will disconnect itself from the management and adminitration of Pashupatinath temple area.The reasons are tremendous for not to do so.Nepal has been a Hindu state for time immemorial and this connection between state and lord Pashupatinath has been one of the vestiges of Nepalese Hindu monarchical tradition.Although monarchy has been abolished, it will be destructively challenging for Nepal to completely adhere to all imported notions of secularism and introduce severance of state and Lord Pashupatinath temple.Arguably the mandate of Janadolan ii was also not secularism. further disassociation of Lord Pashupatinath temple with the state will raise a tricky question as to which group of Hindu people should be allowed to administer the temple.It is possible temple funds will be siphoned off for private gains and mismanagement exist.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Glowing face of Motherhood

Glowing face of Motherhood
Mother are not rare to find. It is pertinent question whose answer can't be contained within a few words.Mother comprise of a bundle of emotions that sometimes defy reasons.So this goes out to all the mothers who have kept awake all night with that sick toddlers in their arms, constantly uttering those compassionate words.A mother is the sent from above, another face of love and affection and someone to always count on. She is the one who held us in her arms, cradled us to sleep and sat late to see us study. No matter what path we work on, our mom walks along. For everything she has done and for everything she does unconditionally, here is a chance to show our love and gratitude to this magnificent lady on this day.

Every year we go to great lengths to celebrate motherhood. But what happens all through the year is pretty much what has transpired down the ages, with a few modifications necessitated by the changing face of motherhood. Even today mothers are either deified or devalued or subjected to contemptuous indifference.However though traces of the stereotype remain, it must be admitted that motherhood has today evolved to encompass much more than a domestic orbit.In its more dynamic avatar, urban motherhood, has, to a noticeable extent, effected the demise of the self-effacing and self-flagellating creature of the kitchen and the nursery, and the birth of a confident entity capable of meeting every challenge the larger arena throws up. Their outreach sm mother is far greater. They are guides,teacher, caretakers, breadwinners, a rue friends in need and what not.

But despite the enormous payoff, there is no mistaking that the grading drudgery still exists, and also the disillusionment when confronted with the brute realities of child rearing and the price we pay to stay moored.They still have to contend with internal contradictions between the ideas and the realistic. The past and present.What's more they insist on biting off more than they can chew, aspire to superwoman status, are reluctant to delegate, obsessed with perfection, and unable to ease the burden of expectations. This is inimical to our interests and they return to the point from where they ventured to empower themselves.

By echoing others thoughts and speaking in a voice not their one, they allow themselves to go to seed, looking for gratification and appreciation in the fact that they are taken for granted.Inn this they run the risk being marginalized later in life and ending up disappointed and decrepit empty Nester with no individuality. They must guard against this at all costs, because if they obliterate themselves for the sake of their children, they can never give them the sense of identity they need or be exemplary role models. There is no martyrdom or merit in uncalled for self-sacrifice.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Silent Sanitation Crisis In South Asia

Silent Sanitation Crisis In South Asia
Around 178 million people in South Asia out of the 1.028 billion practice open defecation and are exposed to severe safety and health risks as well as adding to environmental pollution.Women and children bear the major brumt of the crisis.About 500000 children die every year due to disease related to poor sanitation and hygiene and many more fall seriously ill, compromisin their future potential and overburderning the halth services.In addition to death and disease burden and its subsquent costs on the national economy, poor sanitaion is polluting environment and compromising dignity the very essence of human beings.

To address this challenge and find collective solution of these undignified conditions, countries in South Asia gathered in Bangladesh in 2003 under the umbrella of South Asian conference on sanitaion. In the last eight years hundreds of high government officials relevant ministers, sector actors and civil society met three times in Dhaka, Islamabad and Delhi in 2003, 2006 and 2008 respectively to find common solutions.This year more than 400 people from across South Asia met in Colombo to review the sanitation situation and progress made against previous commitments. Three previous conference have made a range of political and financial commitments including adopting people centred, community led and gender sensetive and demand driven approach, elimination of open defecation and other unhygienic practices.

No doubts, this eight years grive by SACOSAN to turn the trend and achieve millenium development goals has achieved several successes including recognitions of access to safe drinking water and sanitations as a basic right, raising sanitation profile at the regional level, formulation of national policies, strategies and plans, increase in sanitation coverage, broadening partnership. However, there are several critical areas committed above but have not been rally translated into concrete actions. This indicates the failure of the governance system,its responsiveness to the people's demand and a system accountable to the people.With the current rate of progress, the sanitation will not be achieved until 2028 too little and too late. Following are theimportant governance challenges if addressed might expedite the progress and lift millions of South Asians from undignified conditions and put them on the path of development, poverty reduction and prosperity.

Despite political commitment for establishing performance monitoring system, indicators are yet to be deided against which information collected provides the guide for better decision making. Improving sanitation information system to avoid any statistical disprepancies is also an essential element of strengthening monitoring and accountability. Due to the unavailability of clearly defined national performance monitoring mechanism, keeping track of the difference between building and use of services is quite difficult, so is the difficulty in sustaning the services without robust minitoring and clearly defined operations and maintenance roles and responsibilities.

Prioritizing sanitation including increasing the finance for sanitation and their better utilization, has gained recognition. There has been some increase in sector financing but in comparision to other sector and magnitude of crisis, it is still inadequate. Better coordination, broad based alliance and partnership and clear institutional mechanisms are the other areas repeatedly promosed. Better institutional arrangement, which is able to coordinate the function and build a broas based alliance for sanitation movement, and programming is central to success.Despite the commitments ans institutional importance, countries in the region are still strugling to determine the clear institutional home of sanitation.In very first SACOSAN people centered approach was recognized as sanitation is not just building toilets but it is the use of facilities as well as behavioral change.Centrally designed and delivered programs run a risk of remaining non functional and lack of ownership by the community and thereby real meaning to participation is still an area which requires urgent action for going beyond words to meaning.This calls for a revamping of the institutional mechanism that will allow for proactive community participation.

Total sanitation has been delayed in South Asia by a lack of focus development and particularly on people centered sanitation programs.Improved governances is central to address the challenge.The South Asian people want to see a governance system where decisions are informed by evidence and institutions, and decision makers connect to the people, where information flows freely, the poor get response and justice and equity are made values. If these governance principles are followed it may offer a better future for the South Asian children.