Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Most Important Natural Causes of Climate Change In The Universe

Climate Change is the long term change in the statistical distribution of the weather patterns over the period ranging from decades to millions of years.Climate Change may be the change in the average weather conditions or the distribution of events around that average.Climate Change may be limited in the specific region or may occur across the whole universe.We know that the univers's climate is the dynamic and keeps changing in a natural cycle.The Climate Change occurring today because of the human activities, really makes the world very worried.

Many scientists are studying about these climate change all over the world or universe and they are finding the evidence from the tree rings, pollen samples, ice cores and sea sediments.The natural variability and the climate functions of the climate system are the parts of the earth's history but there have been changes in the concentration of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere growing at unprecedented rate. To understand the climate changes fully the ause of the climate change should be firstly identified. Here we can divide the causes of the climate change into two categorizes.They are natural causes an human cause.

Natural causes of Climate Changes

There are a lots of natural factors in the universe that causes the climate change in the world.Some of them are ocean currents, volcanoes,solar variations, earth's tilt etc. They are discussed bellow.
  • Volcanoes:When the volcano erupts it throws large amount of the sulfur dioxide, water vapor, dusts and ashes in the atmosphere.We know the volcanic activities remains for only a short period but the large volumes of the gases and the ashes influence the climate patterns for years.Similarly the millions of tones of the sulfur dioxide may reach the upper level of atmosphere from the major eruption and that gases and dusts particles may block the incoming ray of the sun. Tiny particles produced by the volcano are called aerosols because they reflects the energy of the solar back in to the space and they have the cooling impact on the world.Similarly the sulfur dioxide combines the water to form tiny droplets of sulfuric acid which are so small that can stay for several year.They are efficient reflection of the sunlight and screen the ground from some of the energy that would receive from the sun.Therefore the volcanic activities causes the climate change in the universe.
  • Ocean Current:The another natural factor that cause the climate change in the earth is ocean current because they are the major components of the climate system.We all know that they cover about 71% of the earth and absorb the about twice as much of the sun's radiation as the atmosphere or the land surface.Ocean current move vast amount of the heat across the planet and the same amount as the atmosphere does.Wind push horizontally against the sea surface and drive the ocean currents.The phenomena such as EI Nino produced by the interactions between the ocean and atmosphere, occur every 2 to 6 years. Similarly there are the deep ocean circulation of cold water form the pole towards the equator and the movement of the warm water towards the pole. This Process vital role to make the pole cold and the equator the warmer.The ocean can play an important role to determine the atmosphere of concentration of CO2.So change in the circulation of the ocean have great impacts on the climate change through the movement of the CO2 into or out of the atmosphere. Ocean current also change the direction or slow down.Much of the heat which escapes from the ocean is in the water vapour. the most abundant greenhouse gases.Water vapor also helps to create the clouds. Therefore the ocean current has the great effect on the climate change in the universe.The Most Important Natural Causes of Climate Change In The Universe
  • Solar Variation:We know that sun is the great source of the energy for the earth's system.Although the sun's energy comes constantly everyday as per the point of view, but the small changes over an extended period of time may lead the changes in the climate.As the sun is the great or fundamental source of the energy for the earth that is instrumental in our climate system. So it is reasonable to assume that change in the sun's output may cause the climate change.According to the scientific studies the solar variation had the great effect in the climate change in the past.Current global warming is incomplete without the solar variation.Because since 1750 the amount of the energy coming from the sun either remained constant or increased.The scientists have also observed that a cooling in the upper atmosphere and warmer in the surface and lower parts of the atmosphere.Because this is due to greenhouse gases.So we can say the solar variation can change the climate in various ways in the universe.
  • Continental Drift: According to the scientists South America and Africa were joined together many years ago, and all continents were all parts of the one large landmass.There are a lot of proof about it such as similarity between the plants and animal fossils and broad belts of rocks found in the eastern side of South America.The discovery of the fossils of the tropical plant in the Antarctica has made the conclusion that, this frozen land in the past must have been the closer to the equator, where the climate was the tropical.The continents which we know well or we are living today, were formed where the landmass began gradually drifting apart, millions of years back.This drift had also great effect on the climate change because it changed the physical parts of the landmass and the position of the water bodies.The separation of the landmass change the flow of the ocean current and winds the affects the climate system. Therefore the continentals drift has the The Most Important Natural Causes of Climate Change In The Universegreat impact on the climate change.So it is an important natural causes that affects the whole universal climate.
  • Earth Orbital Change:The another natural factor in the universe that affects the climate change is the earth's tilt.We all know that the earth makes a full orbit around sun each year.It is titled at the angel of 23.5 degree to the perpendicular plane of its orbit path.So changes in the tilt of the earth may lead to the small but climatically important change in the position of the seasons. More tilt means warmer summer and colder winter and less tilt means colder summer and milder winter.Similarly sloe change in the earth tilt can lead to the small but climatically important change in the strength of the seasons. So it has great effect on the climate change.


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