Monday, January 31, 2011

Optimum Performance Of Women At Work Environment By Reduce And Manage Stress

Optimum Performance Of Women At Work Environment By Reduce And Manage Stress
Women employee's stress can be managed if some efforts are made in a smart manner.Therefore make an attempt to discover the healthy change for Women.When women employee feel overwhelmed, they lose confidence and become irritable, making them less productive and effective and their work less rewarding.Beyond interfering with job performance and satisfaction, intense stress can also lead to physical and emotional health problems in women employees.

Woman's works stress is a subjective experience, it can be explained as pressure upon a women's employees psychological system which arises out of complexity of her work life.Stress in women basically upon a psychological set up, it also in turn affects her physical and behavioral system so she cant give optimum performance to the organization.

How the individual woman employee responds to the stressor depends upon her personality,her perceptions, and her past experience. Some stress on women is necessary in that it assests them in achieving both personal goals and work.However too much stress in women can make those goals harder to achieve.Every woman responds differently to stress. But some woman employee function well under significant stress while other doesn't.Stress is the reaction on women employee has to excessive pressure.The rapid pace of today life and everyone increased expectation mean that women have to tolerate more pressure now than ever before.Women stress is a condition arising from the interaction of the people and their jobs and characterized by the changes within the people that force them to deviate from her normal functioning.

Women stress can manifest itself in both a positive way and negative way. It is positive when the situation offers an opportunities for her to gain to something and it is negative when stress is associated with social, physical, emotional and organizational problems.Too much stress is might lead to decline in performance of the individual.Thus overall productivity and quality will suffer leading to reduce margin of profit.Stress in the workplace reduces productivity, increases management pressures, and make people ill in many ways.

Rational of research work:

Women and men both are responding differently to stress. Women also report having more to worry about each day. Men on average worried about three things on a daily basis.Women may suffer from mental and physical harassment at workplace apart from the common job stress.Sexual harassment has been a major source of worry for women in workplace since long time.Sexual harassment means to unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that affects the job related performance of an individual employees.Job stress is a chronic disease caused by conditions in the workplace that negatively affect an individual's performance and overall performance.One or more of host of physical and mental illness manifest job stress.In some case job stress can be disabling.In chronic cases psychiatric consultation is usually required to validate the reasons and degree of work related stress.Women stress can be managed if some efforts are made in smart manner.Therefore make an attempt to discover the healthy changes for women.

Aims $ scope of present work:

Every women has multiple roles to perform successfully. A women is a work mother,wife,boss junior and friend and so on.In her diverse roles she comes into contact with stress as it is difficult to perform equally in all diverse role.It is necessary to control women stress in the initial stage itself. To have balanced approach to understanding work stress in work employee it is necessary to recognize that employment provides rewards that are both internal and external.Although increasing rewards of work can offset its stressful, the physical environment and the psychosocial condition of employment can have deleterious on women employees mental and physical well being.


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