Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Do you find yourself snowed under the amount and intricacy of thing you need to do every day? Do you often think that days and months pass by quite quickly and you don’t get much time to devote to necessary things?

Along with aggravated answers to above questions, you also know that time management is probably what is you need. So, here is it. Here are few time management tips that will definitely help you to do the necessary things, if not everything. And the good news is, it provides health benefits too. Stress level comes tumbling down and overall quality of your life is improved.

Here are few important time management. You don’t necessarily have to adopt each one of them. Try few amongst these tips; if it doesn’t serve your purpose, try other ones.

1. Daily Planning

This activity scares people away, universally. However, planning your day isn’t a lengthy procedure. You just have to prepare a precise to-do list, with most important tasks on the top. However, make sure you include everything you intend to do throughout the day.

2. Set Priority

Not all urgent tasks are important. Hence, you focus on urgent tasks and often delay the important one. This probably happens due to improper or no prioritization. Assigning priority to tasks ensures you spend your time and energy on important things rather than trivial ones.

3. Learn to say ‘No’

Our parents have taught us to say yes but that’s for helping needy people and other such social stuffs. When it comes to time management, you have to unfortunately say no. However, this wouldn’t disappoint your parents because by saying no to unnecessary or additional work, you stick to your plans and schedule.

4. Delegate Work

May be your to-do list has few things that you can pass on to others. This is commonly overlooked by people on managerial level. They can quite easily assign task to other people. However, delegating doesn’t mean imposing. It should be done aptly.

5. Spend more time doing important work

No, this will not disturb your schedule. If an important work is hurriedly done, it has many errors and correcting these mistakes consumes lot of time later. Hence, take time to do any work but do it correctly.

6. Make a note of how you spend your time

Because no one is watching us throughout the day, we waste much of out time doing unnecessary things. This is what you will probably notice after scanning your daily routine. Make a note of it and see how you can save time and spend it on other necessary, productive tasks.

7. Avoid Distractions

I agree not every distraction can be avoided. However, most of them can be easily limited. When you are involved in some important work, make sure you close the door, and switch off your pones and pager.

8. The 10 minute rule

Doing what you don’t like is obviously boring. Proper time management can solve this problem too. Spend at least 10 minutes every day doing dreaded things and gradually, you will start liking, or at least you will do it properly.

That’s it. These 8 time management tips, or few amongst them, are enough to maintain your schedule.


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