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The Important Project Management Fundamentals For The New Comers

The Important Project Management Fundamentals For The New Comers
First of all before the new comer enter into the project management fundamentals process,then the new comers should be well known about project management.So new comer know about what is project management?So lets discuss about it.Project management is the discipline of planning,organizing,securing and managing the resource ineffective way to bring the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.In another words, project management is the application of the knowledge,skills,tools and techniques to meet the projects requirements of the projects activities.Project management is accomplished through various process such as initiation,planing,execution,controlling and closing.

Project Management Fundamentals:

The following discussion about the project management fundamentals is created by my own experienced and hope it is the best for all new comers who are keen about project management.

What is Project?

It is important to the new comer to know the project before start it.A project is the temporary endeavor,which is defined beginning and end, undertaken to meet the unique goals and objectives.It is totally different form the other task because that doesn't have the end date.Projects are run by different people and organizations.There are various constraints on the projects such as cost,budgets,schedule,resources etc.Generally the projects are divisible in to the stages and phases each with their own set of priorities and goals.

What is Project Management?

Project management is the discipline of planning,organizing,securing and managing resources to bring the successful completion of the specific project goals.Project management is a combination of techniques, procedures,people and systems focused on the successful completion of project goals.It also support the planning,implementation,control etc of the project.Project management is accomplished through the use of the various process such as initiation,planning,executive,controlling,closing etc.The Important Project Management Fundamentals For The New ComersSo the new comer should have proper knowledge about it.

What is Program management?

The another important project management fundamentals sector to the new comer is the knowledge about the program management.Program management is the process of managing different activities related to project, often with the intention of improving an organization's performance.It involves the centrally managing and controlling groups of related projects to gain the objectives of the program.In some cases, the project management is the subject of the program management.

Know About the Project Phases:

There are a lot of project phases which are the important project management fundamentals.They should be known well.They are Define the project,plan the project,implement the project plan,evaluate the project etc.The new comer should know about the different project phases.So it may be the important project management fundamentals to the new comer.

Understanding and Managing the Project Politics:

Projects also run under the politics.So The new comers have to understand each other feeling that they are jockeying to achieve the goals and this is the most important.Managing this politics is an essential task for the project manager and team member.The main task to manage the politics is the task of
The Important Project Management Fundamentals For The New Comers
keeping the people informed.The bigger the project the more time it takes to communicate the information.

Balance the Priorities:

The another important project management fundamentals to all the new comer is to balance the priorities.Because the project has the various priorities.Such priorities may be what should be achieved or what should be achieved if possible and what would follow from the previous choices etc.The new comers should keep in mind that the priorities of various stakeholders are different and they will vary over the time.So project manager should manage this job in effective manner.

Project Scope:This is very important aspects of project management fundamentals to the new comers.The objective of this step it to define the results that the customer expects.There are various ways or methods to understand what is really being asked for and that should be used in effective manner.To use this methods there are formal methods and documentations that help this process.This step is also the start of the recruitment process.

Project Risk:

Risk is very important factors in any project because there is saying no risk no gain.The main aim of this step is to identify and record the major issues that can affect the project.As the project progress the risk also progress, so the risk should be reviewed to ensure it remains comprehensive.In this process some item disappear while other will be added. There are uncertainties and difficulties in the projects.So this issues should be identified and solved very clearly to run the project properly.Therefore it becomes essential project management fundamentals to the new comer.

Project feasibility:

It is important to the new comer that project feasibility should be assessed before the projects starts.The new comer should consider weather the project is technically correct or not and new comer should also consider that it has organizational support and financial support or not.They should take the help of business case that is very useful with feasibility analysis and it includes the cost benefit analysis.

Project Deliverable:

The another important fundamentals stage of project management is the project deliverable.The New comer know that deliverable are tangible and measurable which the external shareholder will receive when the project is completed.They are equipments,completion of report,installation of raw materials etc.It is necessary to define the task of every project through various process such as work breakdown structure,product breakdown structure,organization breakdown structure,cost breakdown structure etc.Similarly good estimate are also necessary or the success of the project because they are useful for obtaining approval to start or continue a project and setting priorities.So it is important project management fundamentals.

Project Management Skills:

Project management skills is essential part of the project manager.Effective project management requires the following skills.
  • Project management knowledge competency:This refers to what the project management team knows about project management.The Important Project Management Fundamentals For The New Comers
  • Project management performance competency:This refers to what the project management team is able to do or accomplish with the project management knowledge.
  • Personal competency:This refers to how the project management team behaves when performing the project.
Interpersonal Management skills:

This skills includes the effective communication,influencing the organization,leadership,motivation,decisionmaking,team building,political and culture awareness etc.

The above mentioned ideas are very essential project management fundamentals to the new comers which is very important before the any kind of project starts.


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The PMP Certification establishes a common language among project managers and helps each other work within a common framework. Once you have the PMP, you need to consider how you're applying the processes, tools, and techniques to projects. I took a training course for my preparation in and got ready for the exam on day 5!

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