Saturday, November 27, 2010


The idea or thoughts given by W.Edward Deming in the sectors of management is called Deming management.He has given 14 points guidance to increase quality of goods and services. Deming management gives emphasis on quality improvement of goods, involvement of employees and customers satisfaction.
  • Quality improvement-strategic commitment needs to improve quality of goods and services.High quality raw materials should be used and technology, method, production process should be modern and improved.The product should satisfy customers wants. Production materials should not be wasted, if any incompetence is found in production process, it should be immediately improved.The quality of goods and services expands markets and provides new business opportunities.
  • Worker involvement-For the quality of product, the technique of total quality management can be used to correct process, rather than to blame people. So the workers should be involved in production process.According to Deming the workers can easily identify necessary improvement in product rather than other. So the management should involve them in production process.The employees should be given necessary knowledge and support.According to W.Edward Deming-the purpose to involve the workers is to increase their ability and skills.
  • Customer-According W.Edward Deming the management should focus their attention to customer.quality of product should meet customer's wants.So the management should remain effort full to improve the quality of product by studying the markets and customer's wants.The customer's wants and desires may not be always same. So the management should produce the goods or services so that they are satisfied.


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