Sunday, November 28, 2010



They are as follows.
When we can have control of our lives and selves, we can take control of the things that surround us and influence our lives. Indeed, it is impossible to have control over anything, but we are allowed certain degrees of control over most things that involve us. When you think of implementing an effective time management strategy, you have to zero in on various aspects of life, because all things in life affect us in some way or the other.
When you are alone in the road of time management and pursue all the goals relating to it, you’ll find the road rocky enough. There are people who think time management as something as easy as a pie, when things are far from that. Time management is no quick process. You will notice this, once you start your calculations.
Time management has its own course and route, it has its own stop, go, and yield signs. In order to initiate a time management plan you need to calculate and analyze your plan carefully so that you get rid of the time-wasters, and evaluate where your time is spent most.
You can focus on several areas in life that consume most of your time – factors like family and work. Moreover you have to calculate problem areas like troubles with your computer that may arrive. You have to take stock of the little contingencies, calculate large and small disasters into the equation of time management. There are more miles to go in shaping a good time management path.
There are unending ways to manage time, for we need to include personal factors. While we calculate time management, we have to include details such as, entertainment, relaxation and everything that makes us who we are. If you are spending too much time in one area, you can alter the equation – shift your attention to more important areas instead.
If it takes you a long time in the morning to get motivated you must think about what’s putting you off from getting out of the bed? In most cases, this is caused by procrastinating habit. Start thinking! What takes you so long to get dressed in the morning? Before you are off to sleep, make selection of the suit you’re going to put on the next day, so that when you get up in the morning you only need to dress.
It’s a sheer wastage of time to spend more than 45 minutes while dressing. Move forward, subtract at least 30 minutes from dressing and get on with other areas in your life where your time is either spent well, or wasted.
You can even ask yourself: How well-shaped are your working habits? Do you chat online with someone, or stand around drinking coffee more than often? If your workday means big-time squandering your work-time, you not only waste your company’s resources, you are wasting your time. As long as you lose focus in everything you do, you can never conceive an effective way to time management.


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