Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Following are the limitation of project management.
  • Team related problem-The project team members come from various background and experiences. The line and the staff may not co-ordinate their activities due to ego and attitude of both staff line managers. They may place their loyalty at different place. This result in conflicts between the line and staff personnel.
  • Absence of long term planning-The project is temporary activities as it is one shot time bound operation.All activities are planned for short period. This doesn't encourage long range planning.
  • Organizational disruption-Projects are operated in changing environment which requires frequent adjustment and introduction of changes. Changes are rested by functional managers. Project also compete with functional department for human and non-human resources. This actually causes disruption in the normal functioning of both functional and project organization.
  • Retards human resources development-Project teams are shifted from one project to another or even laid off. This affects training and development of new generation of employees. There might be low levels of utilization of diversified workforce.This retards effective human resources development.
  • Conflict-The functional manager supervise and control the project team members. The staff personnel advise the line personnel. Project personnel also enjoy more autonomy and flexibility compared to line managers. The line manager may not co-ordinate and co-operate with the project team.This often leads to conflict and affects the project completion within the stipulated time and allocated budget.
  • Unsuitable-Project management is unsuitable for individuals or small project.Smaller organization may not have the request human and non-human resources to adopt a project type ,of organization.


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