Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Characteristics of management

Following are the major characteristics of management.
  1. Management is a process - Management is an important process. the function of planning, organizing, directing and controlling are included in it. This process continues till the objectives set by the organization are actually achieved.
  2. Group of activities - Management is always based on group activities. For the achievement of enterprises goals, management plans, organizes, co-ordinates, directs and controls the group effort.
  3. Science and art - Management is both science and art.As management presents everything in easy and attractive way, it is an art. And management can apply principles of management in practice for the achievement of organizational goals, it is an art.
  4. Universal - management is an universal subject. its principles have come into practice universally. Management is necessary in all kinds of big or small business, socials, religious, political etc.
  5. Seperate identity - Management is a scientific system and art to have works done by others. Management conducted following laws, rules and regulations. Duties, authorities and responsibilities are already defined. The identity and existence of manager or staff. So the management have seperate identity.
  6. dynamic - The principle of management remains constant rather than static. The most important character of management is to agree to change in economics, politicals, legals, culturals, socials and technicals environment.
  7. Need of organization - management is needed to conduct an organization effectively. Predetermined goals of organization can be effectively achieved through the means of management. Management is impossible without organization because management comes into existence for conducting.
  8. Profession - Management is a subject of study . In today's business age its principles have become compulsory. So management is gradually changing into the form of profession.


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