Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Principe of management

Principe of management
The principle of management has been propounded through researches, experiences,observation and experiments. Such principle of management has become universally successfill in practice. so there are so many principles of management. The are as follows.
  • Division of work-According to this principle every jobs and its part should be identified and entrusted to the suitable persons. The quality and quantity of production will improve if every job is assigned to right persons.
  • Authority and responsibility - Authority and responsibility come together. If the authority has not been clearly defined; it cant be exercised. Similarly responsibility cant be effectively discharged without authority. So authority and responsibiliry each individual should be cl;early defined to perform their tasks.
  • Policy making principle - Clear policy is necessary for effective management .So it is one of the important principle to make clear and practical policy.
  • Principle of planning - The other important principle of management is to make plans. the plans give the decision at present about what to do, how to do,when to do, where to do etc.
  • Simplicity - According to this principle daily functions should not be lengthened unnecessarily. The process of production should be simple.Similarly the officials procedures also should not be lengthened.
  • Principle of control - It is another important principle of management. Controlling function plays very important role in management.The task of analysis and assessment of work whether they are accomplished or not , come under this principle.
  • Principle of improvement - We know business organization keeps running.So the structure of organization should be made flexible so that it can be improved according to time and situation.


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