Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Important of management

Management has an important role to lead organization towards success. So the some of the important of management are as follows.
  • Acquisition and utilization of resources - It is necessary that the necessary means and resources such as men, materials, money, machine and methods are acquired and utilized effectively. This can be effectively and systematically done only by management.
  • Dynamic approach - Management is a dynamic subject. It develops new innovation and concepts of development. To be always able and ready to face challenges and meet demands of time is the dynamic approach of management.
  • Co-ordination - Good co-ordination should be maintained among activities, departments, levels and employees in order to achieve the organizational goals.For this the organizational interests, personal interest and hierarchical interests should be integrated.
  • Problems solving techniques - Management is an important subject to teach the technique of solving problems. It is also taken as a key for finding solution of problems. It develops different alternatives for solving problems and present new ideas to select best alternatives.
  • Controlling - Management also keeps control by comparing performances with the standards. if there is found deviations between performances and standard then necessary corrective action can be taken.
  • Personality development - Management has contributed a lot to the development of personal management and personality . It has developed a principle in the management and it includes training, tours, observations, study, research etc. So management has appeared as an important subject.
  • Facing the challenges - All the organizations are affected by both internal and external environment. It may be negative and positive . One should not always expect opportunity but also should be ready to face the challenges from environment. So the management plays important role to face the environmental challenges by scanning the environment.


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