Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Process of management

Planning and decision making,organizing and staffing, leadership and controlling are included in the process of management. They are discussed as bellow.
  • Planning and decision making - Management process starts with planning. In order to achieve the objectives of the business it is necessary that every factors of production like men, money, machine, materials and methods should contribute their maximum worth. It is must that every business activity must be well thought in advance as to who to perform, when, why and how it is to be done.So task of making plans is very important.The task of taking decision is one part of planning process which includes the task of selecting the best alternatives from various alternatives.
  • Organizing and staffing - The process of arrangement of necessary resources for the implementation of plan and management of individuals as well as collective activities is called organizing.While organizing, functions should be defined and right person should be assigned to right place.Necessary technology and physical resources also should be made available.
  • Leadership - The process making the staff support organizational goals and motivate them to work hard for the achievement of the plans is called leadership. Effective leadership needs for the organizational effectiveness. The task of motivating the staff to work and directing them to perform their assigned duties included in leadership. Leadership is compulsory in all levels of management.
  • Controlling - Controlling is also a major point that comes under the management process. It is the application of corrective measures to remove and prevent the weaknesses in the operation after identifying them by comparision of desired performance with actual performance.


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