Monday, September 27, 2010

Introduction of management

Introduction of managementIn a simple words management is the process of getting the things done through others. Management is a process,activity or an effort to control, coordinate and direct the individual or group effort for attaining the certain objectives. It can be defined as the group of persons who co-ordinate all the means and resources for the achievement of certain goals. In the business organization management plays a vital role. because without proper management of manpower,equipments,means and resources and capital, the organization cant get its objectives. Management provides necessary means and
resources for the organization and effectively mobilize them. So whether the organization may be small or big management is necessary to operate in a systematic way. Not any organization can be conducted effectively without management.

Management is necessary not only for business organization it also plays an important role in the life of human beings. In other words it is necessary in the behabhiou r of human beings . As we know simply the management means to make the arrangement of necessary things which we need in every step of our life. So each and every step of ou r life needs proper management of necessary things. Without it we cant be successful in the future. It makes various problems and difficulties easy for us. Even in the small probl ems, it is very necessary because it helps to provide necessary base.

Everywhere management plays vital role. So we can say that it is very necessary in business as well as in our daily life. It has become a part of our life. Withou t it everything becomes useless.


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