Saturday, October 30, 2010


Project management is a new technique of getting work done through other people.The following are its features.
  1. Body of knowledge-Project management requires application of various skills and knowledge.It includes and embraces all the following areas of expertise.
  • Cost management-In order to reduce to wastage, all the functional resources have to be utilized efficiently. Therefor it includes knowledge of cost management.
  • Human resources management-Project requires expertise and competences in different discipline.The project team is comprised of various backgrounds and expertise including skills and in conflict solution.
  • quality management-Project management emphasis on quality performance of project activities. The management team must have skills for quality control.
  • Risk management-Project are operated under condition of risk and uncertainties.The project team has to identify and analyze the risk.
2.Goal oriented-project management is goal oriented. Project management has clearly defined objectives and management is concerned with achieving those objectives.
3.Team based-Project management consist of personnel from various disciplines with varying levels of experience and expertise.Each participant has a responsibility and accountability for each unit of work.
4.Constraints-The project is operated under various constraints.These are time,cost and quality.
5.Planning and controlling-The project activities requires continuous planning. The original plans have to be modified as time passes and work progress.For such modification certain control mechanism have to be designed for continuous control.
6.Change oriented-Project management is a mechanism which facilitates management of change.this requires proper planning as project is operated under condition of risk and uncertainties.


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