Saturday, October 23, 2010



Although management and administration are used as synonyms words, they are not so. They have their own meaning. Their roles are also totally different. The process of making working plans according to the policy and objectives formed by administration is called management. Management implements the policies and programmes. It makes arrangement of means and resources and utilizes them effectively to achieve certain goals.It co-ordinates different is operative not ideological.
The process of forming policies and programme of a business organization is called administration. The formulation of chain of command and control according to the policies is also included in administration. the administration gives direction, guidance and leadership. It It works as ideology. There are two views about management and administration.they are as follows.
  • British school of thought-According to this view, the word management covers a wide areas but the words administration covers a little meaning. The important function such as planning, policy making, co-ordinating, controlling etc come under management. according to this view administration is one of the part of management itself. Only the function of planning and controlling come under administration.So management is great work, it covers wider as well as more important areas but the administration is only a part of management. Administration falls under management but management doesn't come under administration. This view has classified management into two categories. They are administrative management and operative management.
  • American school of thought-According to this view administration is high level function whereas management is lower level. The important function such as planning,organizing, policy making, controlling etc come under administration. But the task of implementing such plans, policies and programmes come under management. Generally management conducts daily functions. so administration is ideological work but the management is functional.


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