Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Scientific management theory was developed to solve the major problems,(1) how to increase the output of the average employees and (2) how to improve the efficiency of the management. This theory focuses on job. It is concerned with improving the performance of individuals workers. This theory was propounded by F. W Taylor. The essence of this theory is division of labour and to achieve specialization in work. Taylor divided each work in different sub division on the basis of time needed to complete any work, motion study and fatigue study. Doing so production cost decreased, quantity to quantity of product increased a lot. This principle gave emphasis on study of wage according to the work. As a result workers began to work hard with the hoping getting more wages. Taylor has given mire important to the improvement in working methods and environment, study of time, motion and fatigue study,effective working, making operational plan, scientific selection of employees, training programme for them etc. Some the basic features of this theory are scientific selection and training of employees, specialization in work, harmony between management & employees & time and motion study.
Principle of scientific management theory
  1. Division of labour - Applied division of labour system to increase skill of employees and specialization in work.
  2. Training for workers - The workers are supposed as machine. As the good machine need repairs and lubricants, workers also need training.
  3. One best way - It accepts only one methods to being effectiveness in work such as study of time and motion scientifically.
  4. Harmony - Management and workers remain harmonic environment. Management and workers have common interest i.e productivity and profit.


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