Sunday, October 10, 2010


Ethics is the discipline dealing with what are good and bad with moral and obligation. It is concerned with what is right and and what is wrong in human behabhiour. Ethics refers both to the body of moral principles governing a particular society or group and to the personal moral. In this regard, management ethics are the standards of behabhiour that guide individuals managers in their works. They are moral principles or belief about what is right or wrong. This belief guide manager in their dealing with other individuals and group.
According to John R -''managerial ethics are principles that guide the action and decision of manager,and determine if they are good or bad or right or wrong in normal sense.''
In conclusion, management ethics are the standard of behabhiour that guide individuals manager in the work place.They involve morale issues. Management ethics are necessary for the success of business organization. It makes the organization moral. Management ethics affects management activities and practices. The importance of management ethics are as follows
  • Standard of behaviour - Management ethics helps to determine appropriate standard of behabhiour .
  • Guideline for the decision making and conflict resolution- Management ethics serve as guideline for decision making and for attempting to conflict resolution.
  • Motivation - Management ethics helps in employee motivation by determining what rewards or outcomes are sought.
  • Promotes social responsibilities - management ethics promotes social responsibilities in management. It helps to organization to keep in touch with society. So management ethics are very important in business management. If an organization maintains management ethics, all the employees become morale. As a result they work for the interest of the organization.


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