Monday, October 18, 2010



The group of mutually dependent on one another person for achievement of certain goal is called team. Team creates feeling of co-operation, increases flexibility, gives agreement to managers for strategic management takes benefits from work force and increases work efficiency.
According to Rabbins & Coulter-''work teams are formal group made up of interdependent individuals, who are responsible for the attaining of a goals.''

In conclusion the formal group formed to develop product, solve problems and to perform effectively other organizational function is called team.The team has an important role in taking strategic decisions and making the decision quick and effective.
There are various types of team, among them major types of team are as foll owes.
  1. Problem solving team- The team formed to by an organization for the purpose of problem solving is called problem solving team.This team hold meeting for discussion at least once a week. This team plays an important role to improve quality of goods and services.
  2. Virtual team- virtual team is temporary network formed by an organization. this team keeps contact with different sides of organizations through information technology. This team becomes able to identify changing opportunities and utilize them. The working boundary of such team is vast.
  3. Cross functional team- The team formed of same level employees representing different departments for performance of special task is called cross functional team. The members of such team becomes experts of different sectors.
  4. Self managed team- The spontaneously formed team is called self managed team. This team makes routine for works, gives responsibilities to work, takes operational decision and bears the responsibilities to solve the problems.


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