Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Management information system is an important, effective and widely used method for effective control. It provides right information to all levels of management at right time. management information system was developed at the second phase of the development of information management. It collects information according to the need and desire of the managers, organizes the received information and distributed them. This is modern computerized information system.
According to John R Schumann-''A management information system collects, organizes and distributes data in a such way that is meets the information need of management.''
management information system is an important system of information management. This system was developed to provide necessary information to the management. It provides necessary, correct & reliable information to the concerned manager at reasonable cost at right time. So it has an important role in collecting information, organizes them and distribute to the concerned persons and when needed.
Components of management information system,
The major components of management information system are as follows.
  1. Data gathering- the important and necessary data for conducting a business organization are collected from both internal and external sources and are incorporated within the system.
  2. data storage- The task of storing data is an important elements of management information system. It stores the collected data incorporation within the system.
  3. Data transformation- After storing the collected data, they are transformed into useful information with the help of computer software programme.
  4. Information utilization- After the data have been transformed into useful information with the help of computer software, they are used in taking different decision. Following are the major characteristics of management information system.
  • Management information system classifies information and data by which only those data or information which are necessary can be studied for taking any decision.
  • Management information system encourages using tables, graphs and charts by which it becomes easy to present information.
  • Management information system is flexible and can be changed according to the changing of environment.


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