Sunday, October 3, 2010

Management:Art,science and profession

Management:Art,science and profession
Management can be define as art, science and profession. So lets discuss why it is an art, science and profession.
  1. Management; an art - art an such an ability through which any thing can be presented in simple and beautiful way because effective. Generally the qualities of an art are practical knowledge, personal knowledge, creativity,result oriented. The above mentioned qualities are also connected with the management. So management is an art. Art is necessary to bring theoretical knowledge of management in practice. In the absence of art it is impossible to make plans, organize, co-ordinate,motivate the employees to work, make effective communication and control. Therefor management is also called an art.
  2. Management: a science - Science is a systematic knowledge. It is prove by right thought, observations and experiments. It is based on proved principles. To be science the following characters are necessary such as develop through observation, able to be rested and estimated, universally rue principle and that can be applied, irrefutable principle etc. As the above mentioned characters are found in management, it is also called science. Management is also a systematic knowledge. its principles are also developed through observation and experiments. The principle of management is also universally implemented. So it is a science.
  3. Management: as profession- Management is also a profession. In former days only the occupation of advocates, doctors,priests and were taken as the profession. But now-days the management is also taken as profession. The persons having knowledge, ability and skills can be profession. So the management is getting recognition as a profession. As the characteristics of profession like formal education and training, social sanction, self control, acquisition of knowledge etc are found in management, it is taken as profession.


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