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To delegate means to grant or confer the authority from superior to subordinates to accomplish a particular assignment. It is a simply a matter of entrusting part of the work of operation or management to others. It is the ability to get result through others.

A manager is required to perform a lot of work. It is quite difficult for him to concentrate on every piece of work, so he shares the task and authority with subordinates. Delegation of authority as such means granting authority and responsibility regarding specific job to the subordinate. The shares of routine authority and responsibility with the subordinates is delegated of authority.
According to Haimen-''delegation of authority merely means the granting of authority to subordinates to operate within prescribes time.''
The analysis of the above definition reveals that delegation of authority is an important element of organization.It has got the following features.
  • Obtained authority only can be delegated.
  • The officer who delegates the authority remains liable even after the delegation of authority to subordinates.
  • Authorities granted as per delegation can be withdrawn.
  • Authorities regarding ordinary and routine works only can be delegated.
  • There should be control of the officer over subordinates in case delegation.
  • The subordinates works according to order and instruction of the original officer.
  • Authority,responsibility and duty is clearly specified.
Advantages of the delegation of authority.
Managers benefit from delegation of authority in many ways:
  • The manager distributes their work load to others. This enables them to concentrate on the higher function of management like planning, organizing etc.
  • People are motivated to give their best work at work when they have authority with responsibilities.
  • It binds the formal organization together.
  • It enables those who are close to the scene of action to deal promptly with the problems that arise. Time is saved by not sending information up the line and seeking direction down again.
  • But for delegation firms would remain small and an increase in their size may burn up the candle of the manager's energies too soon- he may be physically and mentally exhausted.
  • The importance of delegation in effective management is obvious. as it enables effective management, supervision and control.


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