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Participatory management is a method in which the employees are involved in every function of management. They are enpowered.Employees are made involved in management by making owner, giving autonomy and providing change to take participationin decision making process.This increase teir dignity, respect honour and self actualization.As a result, they get motivated to work.To involve the employees in management is an important source of motivation.This increases productivity of the organization, commotment of employees, internal motivation and the employees become ready to accept responsibility and accountability.There are two techiniques to encourage and empower the e,ployees. They are...

  1. Quality of working life:Quality of working life is a technique to motivate employees to work. QWl indicates the relationship of quality between total work environment and the employees. If the quality of working life of employees is good, they become satisfied and ardworking or get motivated to work. They become successful to perform challenging work.Sufficient and reasonable remuneration, healthy and safety environment to give personal identity, opportunity for persona development and security, opportunity for human competence development etc. are as a whole the working environment. They are called quality working life.If the QWl is good the employees become satisfied. So the management should improve this environment. For this the mechanism such as share ownership, flexible working hour, quality control team etc should be organized and activated.
  • Share ownweship...The employee can be involved in mangement bu providing share ownership. Nowdays most of the companies make the employees owners bu distributing shares to them. Doing so the employees tink the organization to be teir own, they become dedicated to the organization and get opportunity to take part in decision making process.
  • Flexible working time....Two types of working table can be used. The first fixed time working and second flexible working time.The working time from 9 am to 4 pm is called fix time working. Most of the countries of the world use tis type of time. But using this working time, employees cannot get time to pay electricity tarrif, children's fee to school, post office to drop the letters, draw money from bamk etc. So the employees should be given the facility to reach office earlier in morning and leave it before office time or reach late in the morning and work there even after the office time or use the long break for such private work and work in the office up to late eening. If such facility is given they need to take leave and can do their private work.
  • Quality circle...The team formed to solve producton problems and improve quality of goods is called quality circle(QC). QC is a small group of employees. QC is formed involving experienced and specialist employees. Such circle tries to decrease cost price, increace quality of goods.
2. Self managed team:The tea formed without formalsupervision is called self managed team. The duties , authorities and responsibility of the members of such organization are not formally defined. The leadership of such team is held on the basis of personal charisma.The menber of the team work with disciline and become goal oriented. They have high morale. They utilize the freedom to use to show their ability. Self managed team are a group of 10 to 15 employees. They have responsibility of planning and sheduling of work, task asignment to members, taking action to solve problems, decision making about operation and collective control over performance.The characteristics of such team are....
  • The team becomes resonsbility for the whole work.
  • The menber becomes gifted with various qualities and skills.
  • The authority to determine working procedure, making work routine, handing over work etc lies with such team.
  • The performance of the team is based on remuniration and feedback.
Self managed team is spontaneously formed. The team menbers get opportunity to show their efficiency and skill in performance.


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Thanks for sharing your insights. Yes employees need motivation and they will need it through out the time. Without motivation there is no work and if someone don't feel that their work is generating any value, they'll feel demotivated and it directly effects their work and job.

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