Saturday, December 4, 2010


Simply labour disputed are conflicts, differences between employees and employer. Labour disputes related to rights and interests of workers. Dispute in the way are of two types namely,
  1. Rights dispute- Disputes over rights concerned with interpretation and application of work standard are right disputes.
  2. Interests dispute-Disputes due to conflicts of interest related to pay, benefits, conditions of work and working conditions are interest disputes.
Generally, disputes are in between employees and employer but there may be disputes between employees and employers,employee and employee, employer and government etc.Labour disputes are very serious problems in the organization. It ca cause-
  • reduction of production due to stoppage and lock-outs.
  • loss of markets share; public confidence.
  • poor motivation and low morale of employees.
  • closure of the organization.
So, disputes need to be prevented and settled as early as possible.
There are mainly two types of labour dispute.
  1. Collective disputes-Under this heading there are 4 ways to solve labour disputes they are,
  • Written complaints to employer-With signature of 51 percent of workers, authorized trade union files a written complaints to the employers.Bilateral discussion are held between labour and management. The dispute is settled through negotiation within 21 days.
  • Written complaints to labour office-If the dispute is not settled through negotiation between employers and workers,a written complaints is filled tithe labour office of the government. The labour office organizes bilateral discussion between labour and management. Labour office plays a friendly role. It tries to dispute settlement within 15 days.
  • Appointment of mediator-A mediator can be appointed with the mutual consent of labour and management. If there is no agreement on mediator, a tribunal could be constituted. Such tribunal should have equal representative of labour, management and government. It tries to settle down disputes within 15 days if not they can appeal to government.
  • Appeal to government-Any party to the disputes can file an appeal to the government within 35 days. Government gives decision within 60 days otherwise worker can go on strike.
2.Individual dispute-Individual disputes are mainly rights related. They can be settled with following procedure.
  • Individual disputes are complained to the management.
  • Management and individual sit together for negotiation. If they settle disputes within 15 days, case will be dismissal.
  • If management can not settle the disputes by negotiation, labour files complaint on labour office. On mediation of labour office, they try to make common agreement within 15 days. If not.
  • If dispute is not settled with the mediation of labour office, labour office adjudicates an the dispute within 7 days. If any party do not agree, then
  • Any party who disagrees with the decision given by labour office on labour court within 35 days. Labour court decides on disputes.


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