Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Factors for Managing Project Quality

Factors for Managing Project QualityEach and everyone in this world have the different views toward the factors that increases the quality of the project.Similarly commentators have differing views on what constitutes a quality project. The generally agreed parameters are that it delivers the desired outcomes on time and within budget. Through my long experience, there are major factors for managing project quality, they are;

1.Good plan:

This is the first factors for managing the project quality.The Plan is fundamental or important factors to achieving project quality. The overall project plan should include a plan for how the project manager and team will maintain quality standards throughout the project's cycle.

2.Appropriate communication:

This is the second important factors for managing the project quality.Despite good project planning and scheduling, poor or absent communication with team members and stakeholders can create the problems in the project.Project managers should have the excellent communication skills and a comprehensive scheme which encourages formal and informal discussion of expectations, innovation, progress and results.Therefore it is an important that appropriate communication is the important factors.

3.Manage stakeholders:

Stakeholders are those person who has an interest, can influence or is affected by the project's implementation or outcomes.First of all we should identify them and analyze their concerns and what they want to know and prepare the strategy to provide the appropriate amount of information and opportunities for involvement.Then we can engage them in the project for the quality.

4.Good measurement:

The another important factors for managing the project quality is proper measurements.It is important to identify the key outcomes and outputs of the project in the starts of the process of the project and how we will measure whether they have been delivered. This level or implement processes that measure progress, both qualitatively and quantitatively, throughout the project at individual, team and whole project levels. As a result of this problems can be identified properly and successful tactics can be promulgated throughout the project.Therefore it helps the project manager to implement the project plan in proper way that may increase the project quality.

5.Regular or Constant review:

Good or regular review mechanisms is also an important along with the good measurements for managing the good quality of the projects. Successful project managers should diligently and regularly review progress against the schedule, budget and quality elements of the project. Regular review allows problems to be identified early so that corrective action can be taken to keep the project on track. Constant review also helps the team members to learn and improve their skills in the project which helps to make the quality in the projects.

6.Act early:

This is the final or important factors for the project quality.Measurement and review are important, but they are only effective If the project manager takes action on issues identified then the measurements and review are meaningful and they are effective.Simple issues should be addressed immediately and more complex issues should be added for action into the project plan and resources allocated to address them.

The above mentioned six factors are the most important for managing the project quality.


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