Thursday, December 16, 2010

Resolving Project Team Conflicts

Conflicts on project teams are a fact of life! Only on rare occasions do conflicts not arise even on the smallest projects conflicts rear their ugly heads! It's human nature to have conflicts and it arises for any number of reasons,includingMisundeResolving Project Team Conflictsrstandings,Personality clashes,Disagreements about the right way to approach a problem.

As a project manager, it is an important of the project manager that his/her responsibilities includes managing conflicts on the project team in proper way. In my experience the best way to manage a conflict may be to ensure that the parties who are involved in the conflict and this ones may be developing the solution.First of all they have to come to agreement or make the agreement on how to resolve the conflict themselves then we can resolve it for them.

If we keep or bear the conflicts only in our mind we can't find the proper solution or that sometimes a conflict cannot be resolved. For example, if we have two persons on the project team that just are not going to get along no matter what too much has happened between them.If we can't help them we can resolve their conflict that they must work together professionally for the good of the team and the project on their own this condition our main duty or job is to help them to figure out how they are going to get through this project being cordial and professional with each other.

Here are some important suggestions to get us moving in the right direction:

First we should schedule a first meeting with the individuals who are having the conflict to discuss.In this discuss we can discuss about what are the issue? Then we should discuss about it to resolve the conflict sitting on the table.Similarly we should discuss about their perspectives.Then we have to work with the parties to create the base for resolving the conflicts.In other step we can ask them who are in conflicts about what they can do to get past the issues or put it side based on the base that we made for resolution of the conflicts in order to move forward with working together.This suggestion may be useful to resolve the conflicts that occur in the projects in course of action.

Similarly we should make the meeting for at least of 2 hours based on the issues.Here in this meeting we can discuss about the effect of their conflicts.We can explain during this meeting how the conflict between them is affecting the project activities and the team as a whole. Our main goal is to get them to at least communicate with each other to get everything out in the open. We want to be or should be sure that they are really listening and hearing each other.But confidence should be there between them because confidentiality is key here.We should try to remind them the causes of conflicts. In some cases, I have found it helpful Resolving Project Team Conflictsto meet with the parties individually to help get them thinking about how they might approach resolution of the conflict with the other individual.

We can schedule a meeting for the following day to discuss how the conflict between the individuals might be resolved.

We should ask the persons who are involved in the conflicts about their ideas on how to move forward with resolving the issue what did they think about the evening before, based on the criteria agreed, this may help to resolve the conflict in the way what we want.

Similarly we can ask them what alternatives can they come up with to work together effectively? and can they come to consensus on any of the alternatives? or can they utilize the alternatives that made by the agreement in proper way?

Here in this situation we should help them to get them talking to each other about their ideas to resolve the conflict and, ideally, help them in coming to a consensus on how to resolve it.But we have to remember that we cannot resolve it for them because they need to do so themselves. We are just providing the discussion for them in resolving the project team conflicts.The one of the important role of us to help them to work toward coming to consensus on resolving the project team conflict by asking questions, probing for details, etc. If one comes up with an idea, see how that idea might be tweaked so that it is acceptable to the other individual.If our effort is beneficial for them in resolving the team conflicts the we can make further help them.

we should keep one thing in our mind that sometimes consensus cannot be reached and the conflict is not able to be resolved, but still we should try and we still need these individuals to work together.How can they do so? What can they need to work together professionally and cordially toward the successful conclusion of the project team conflicts?One we reach the conclusion or there is agreement on how to work together in spite of the conflict between them we should review what was agreed and we should get their commitment that they will continue to work on the resolution of the conflict and abide by the plan they developed to resolve it.So these effort may be the useful factors for resolving the project team conflicts.


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