Friday, December 10, 2010


Nepal commands immense possibilities of developing tourism industry. The basic requirements for its development is geographic attraction. Switzerland in the sphere of tourism industry. Nepal's geographic environment are almost identical to those existing in Kashmir and Switzerland.So from the comparative point of view Nepal also posses the same possibilities of developing tourism industry. In Addition to natural beauties, Nepal has also a host of cultural and religious implication for attracting tourists. The fundamental bases for developing this industry in Nepal are outlined bellow.
  1. Natural beauty:The picturesque Himalayan range on the northern part of Nepal provide numerous charming scenes and scenery. The snow capped peaks, the gliding glaciers, the foaming water falls, the forested ranges and fascinating landscapes existing in great abundance in the mountainous sectors of Nepal exert profound influence on all visitors and viewers.
  2. Climate variety:From the climate view too, Nepal, on the basis of topographic altitude, provides varieties of pleasant and helpful climate-hot, warm,cool and cold.Here one can choose one's own climate. In other words tourists coming from any parts of the world can have the climate best suited them.
  3. Wildlife:Nepal offers plenty of scope of wildlife. The wildlife conservation areas are located in different parts of the country where one can see different kinds of animals, birds,plants. There is seasonal obstacle on traveling through Nepal.
  4. Rural settlement and less expensive:Rural settlement is also another way to attract tourists of Nepal, because people of advanced countries are full of urban life with modern technology.They like to spend leisure time in rural areas with peacefully.Besides the cost of living in comparison to other countries is very low in Nepal. Hence, tourists can enjoy many facilities in the low cost with peaceful environment in Nepal.
  5. Store-house of antique arts and cultural heritage: Nepal is also endowed with a store-house of antique arts and cultural heritage.There are several renowned temples depicting various images pertaining to ancient arts, craft and religious beliefs. They are the Krishna temple of Lalitpur, the temple of Hanumandhoka, the five storied temple of Bhaktpur and giant setups of Swayambhu and Buddha. Likewise, the Pashupatinath, Lumbini, Janakpur, Jacinda etc are the notable religious centers and holy places. Besides there are also several artistic places of ancient kings in various parts of the country.All these features prove to be great attraction to foreigner from different part of the world.


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